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How do you make voting cool? The folks at HeadCount know: wed it with something people are passionate about - music. Our team was stoked to make HeadCount a new website that rocks just as much as their audience! The new HeadCount.org is probably the coolest site we’ve ever built.   HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy. Given that they do the majority of their work at concerts and festivals, a uniquely energetic and lively space, their new website needed to reflect that energy, vibrance, and action.   Working with HeadCount was a great experience not only because we got to use our creative team to its full extent, but because we always love working alongside synergistic organizations and like-minded teams. It was a privilege to work together to pursue both Veracity’s and HeadCount’s goal of getting more folks participating in our democracy, speaking out, and ultimately heard in crowded spaces. Here’s how they do it:   Inform their audience about voting rights and much needed voter info, like how and when to register, and which IDs are needed on election day. Recruit volunteers who, to take words right from HeadCount, “Register voters at concerts with HeadCount. Meet cool people, see great music, and change the world one voter at a time."   Ensuring that both of HeadCount’s priorities were met without overwhelming visitors was key, alongside creating a voter info hub and volunteer hub that are visually appealing, engaging, and above all, easy to use.   To emphasize HeadCount’s goals, once a visitor scrolls past the introductory portion of the page (pictured above), with the two main calls-to-action, “Register to Vote” and “Volunteer,” they are reminded again through energetic, eye-catching design and engaging content that HeadCount is a resource for voters, and a community of volunteers. We had a blast designing and developing HeadCount's new site, and are proud of the work our team put in.    Want to see more? Make sure to check out HeadCount’s killer new site, and reach out if you, your campaign or organization is looking for a next-level Veracity custom website!

Ayanna Pressley (Candidate for MA-07)

When Ayanna Pressley decided to buck the status quo by announcing “Change can’t wait!” and running for Congress against an 18-year incumbent, Massachusetts’ usually-predictable 7th District suddenly garnered national attention. Veracity Media was with the A-Team from the start, building a rapid-response splash site for her launch announcement and helping craft Pressley’s opening messages to the public via email, social media, and digital advertisements.     Since the campaign launch Veracity has built an expanded Ayanna Pressley for Congress website which fully captures Pressley’s background and plan for the 7th District’s future on an intuitive and responsive platform. See the full site here >> Veracity also provides ongoing email marketing, digital advertising, graphic design, and web development services to the A-Team. Through this, we’ve enabled the campaign to react to developments with high-quality, rapid-response emails, graphics, and other digital work, such as petition, event, and volunteer landing pages. For example, when Pressley released her first campaign video Veracity helped coordinate a rapid-response multi-lingual launch across various platforms -- including YouTube, Facebook (both organic content and paid advertisements), Twitter, ActBlue (including a highly shared Spanish- language donation page), and the campaign website. In just two weeks the video was viewed over 100,000 times and directly raised the campaign $5,000 with 60% of donations under $35. In just over two months from the campaign launch, Veracity raised $138,000 online for the A-Team, even before investing in email acquisition. Veracity boosted Pressley’s online fundraising from the start of the campaign, delivering a return on investment over 1000%. This boost was especially apparent once we began running digital ads, which nearly paid for themselves in immediate contributions. In addition to online fundraising Veracity provides in-house design to help give Pressley the branding necessary for a successful local and national campaign.     “The level of professionalism and expertise Veracity has brought to this campaign cannot be overstated. They really are the model that we talk to folks about when we say how wonderful our consultant team is. The work Veracity does consistently goes above and beyond and we couldn’t be happier with it.” - Ryan Hand (Communications Director, Ayanna Pressley for Congress)  

Rep. Tim Ryan (OH-13)

Congressman Tim Ryan’s team brought on Veracity in December 2016 to activate an email list that had not been used in more than a year. Team Ryan retained Veracity to run the campaign’s email engagement, digital fundraising, and list acquisition. In less than a year, we have nearly doubled the active email list and created a digital fundraising program that was previously non-existent. Additionally, we have redesigned the campaign’s website, email template, and social presence, allowing for easy to use sign-up forms and landing pages that funnel people to donation forms. Ryan has built a profile as a national Democratic party leader and has received positive press in publications such as the Youngstown Vindicator and Roll Call.  Since Veracity started working with the campaign, Tim Ryan has raised nearly $170,000 online from more than 1,000 donors.  Keeping with Ryan’s brand as a party leader and different mold of Democrat, we have also raised hundreds of dollars for Tim Ryan-style candidates like Ken Harbaugh and Randy Bryce, special election candidates like Rob Quist and Archie Parnell, and Sherrod Brown’s marquee 2018 Senate race. Ultimately, Veracity has helped grow Ryan’s email list, optimizing Facebook paid acquisitions, and reaching a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) as low as $0.75.  Thanks to list swaps, joint actions, and paid acquisitions Veracity was able to substantially grow Tim Ryan's email list.  "Veracity has built our digital operation from the ground up, returning a positive ROI during the first month, and has used unique and cost-effective acquisition methods to grow my list. They've also honed in on my message, and are an accurate voice for the issues that matter to me -- they'd be a great asset to any Democratic campaign.” - Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13)  

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March 18, 2018
Vibrant, Friendly, & Modern: Designing Representation20/20's New Identity

May 03, 2018 — By Mike Brophy — Representation20/20 is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness of the under-representation of women in elected office, strengthen coalitions that are supportive of measures to increase women's representation, and highlight the often overlooked structural barriers to achieving gender parity in American elections. Rep20/20 is a project of FairVote, a non-partisan non-profit organization, thus the overall look and feel is influenced by the parent brand.   Identity Package Demo I loved working on this project because one, I wholly support the organization's mission, and two, I ended up having a wealth of source material from which to pull inspiration. Motivated by the client's initial inclusion of a suffrage poster (see below) in the design brief, I dug into the suffrage movement in the US during the early 20th and even late 19th centuries and found it had been fairly well documented. During my research, I amassed a huge collection of photographs depicting everything from parades and rallies to close-ups of individual buttons, pennants, and other 'marketing material,' which I hung up around my desk to always have a close reference.   Inspiration Poster Old v. New Comparison The colors were to remain in the purple and yellow realms (ultimately branded as 'gold'), to provide a consistent element from the old brand to the new, helping it feel instantly familiar to those already aware of the organization. The color scheme used by the suffrage movement in the US focused on purple and gold (interestingly the UK movement favored purple and green), and the idea was to harken back to the empowerment behind that movement. I initially sampled the colors from the above suffrage poster, and tweaked them to create a vibrant, friendly, and distinctly modern scheme.   Flag Icons After many iterations, the flag/pennant was chosen for the main logo icon, and as a visual motif across the brand identity. This shape was seen countless times in suffrage parade materials, and it also enables a great sense of forward-motion to the logo with its angle and extended shape. In the final iterations of the logo, I incorporated the flag into the 20/20, blending it into the curvature of the '2' letterform and also acting as the slash. This was also able to match the descender of the lowercase 'p' in the wordmark, allowing the tagline to fit nicely in the center. As for the wordmark, early on I knew I wanted to do a strong, modern sans serif to counter the call-back to the suffrage movement with the colors (and eventually the flag as well), intending to capture the forward-looking nature of Rep20/20 that the previous brand didn't quite evoke. For this I chose a recent favorite geometric sans-serif 'Radikal' from Nootype, which captures the bold yet friendly attitude of the organization. The tagline is set in Lineto's 'Circular,' which is much more legible at smaller sizes than Radikal, while complementing it nicely.   Condensed Logo Inverse One of the challenges with this brand was the large width required due to the name of the organization — a hefty 18 characters. I created a shorted version with "Rep20/20," as it had a more usable and practical size ratio, and was also a common nickname for the organization. However this was suggested to use sparingly, as most people wouldn't associate 'rep' with representation (leaning more towards representative, i.e. phone rep) without knowing anything else about the organization. Due to the vagueness  of the organization's name without context, we emphasized that the tagline be present in usage as much as possible.   Full Logo Speaking of the organization’s name, one particular challenge with this project was the deciding between Representation2020 (referring to the year), and Representation20/20 (referring to perfect vision, equality and balance). When starting this project, the former was the name of the organization, but after many conversations with the client, the latter, emphasizing balance was ultimately chosen. This shift required reworking the flag from an ornamental element of the logo to an integral part of the wordmark, acting as the slash in 20/20. Ultimately, I think this change made the logo stronger, reminding me that restrictions and challenges really lead to the most creative work. I'm quite proud of the logo in all its iterations, and how it relates to the parent FairVote brand overall.   After the logo and brand direction were decided on, Veracity carried the look and feel of the brand to Rep20/20’s new website. The site’s refresh captures the bold new look of the brand, allowing for a much more personal and engaged connection with the target audience. You can see the live site here.   Representation20/20's Homepage


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