We take nonprofits' strategic goals and turn them into actionable steps online.

our services

digital strategy

We create + execute all aspects of a robust digital strategy: a versatile website, production of digital content, list growth, + engagement -- all coordinated through an adaptive strategy built on exhaustive analytics + regular projections.


We build action-oriented sites that boast a universally friendly web experience. Specializing in the Wordpress CMS, we revolutionize your online presence in a matter of days.

community strategy

We leverage modern digital best-practices + years of diverse experience to help campaigns + non-profits cultivate networks of influencers + longterm supporters, + activate them at critical moments.

graphic +
brand design

We take your message + goals, + craft them into a beautiful + logical design. From logos to websites, shareable graphics, apps, + more. Veracity elevates everything you do with thoughtful design.


Using cutting edge micro-targeted advertising platforms + strategies, we make sure your message is perfectly crafted + gets where it needs to go.

email marketing
+ fundraising

We know that your email list is much more than a list. It's a living, breathing, network of supporters + donors. We engage your network through unique + detailed messaging that builds relationships + encourages small dollar donations.

We’re as invested in our clients’ success as they are — we’re excited to work for the change we want to see in the world!

our vision + culture

We're a small group of
smart, driven, and
talented people.

Veracity Media is a social-impact digital strategy firm specializing in non-profit advocacy based in the heart of Washington, D.C. Our mission is to help organizations get their message out by engaging their audiences and turning them into active supporters who can be tapped to achieve your goals for years to come.

We want to help
people make the
world a better place.

We amplify others' ability to make the world a better place. Our vision is to advance positive change by carefully selecting the projects our team works on. We aren't guns for hire. We work at the local, state, national, + global levels to support nonprofits that align with our team’s passions + companies focused on positive social impact.

Veracity Media is a digital consulting firm that works with progressive
campaigns and non-profits to make the world a better place.

DC is what we call


Veracity Media is a progressive digital strategy + political consulting firm based in Washington D.C. We're working with Democrats to expand our majority in the House, as well as on down-ballot races + ever-increasing non-profit activism all across the country. We're (pretty much) always looking for scrappy, tech-savvy Veraci-team members to run effective + comprehensive digital campaigns.