Calling Attention to Free College Tuition: “Thanks a latte, Starbucks!” Campaign

September 23, 2016

This May, the Campaign for Free College Tuition noticed something unusual. A Facebook post published on May 1st had, after only 24 hours, gotten 62 shares and over 200 likes. This immediate and enthusiastic response was in reaction to the news that Starbucks would cover four years of free tuition for its employees at Arizona State University Online. The news had clearly struck a chord with the CFCT community.

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Veracity decided to build off this strong organic response by creating some followup graphics to help spread the news about the Starbucks College Achievement Plan. The goal was to spotlight the progress being made in the movement for free college, and engage the CFCT online community with a story they were clearly passionate about.

The followup graphics were a smashing success. Seeing the post with a small amount of ad money on Facebook, the posts then reached a total of 46,021 people, nearly a twelve-fold increase in reach compared to the week before. They were also “liked” by over 1,000 people. And on top of all that attention, Starbucks retweeted one of CFCT’s graphics! Hard to believe it all started from just one post!  


Steven Kelly is a former Digital Strategy Assistant at Veracity Media.