Localizing National Name Recognition: Sandra Fluke for State Senate

July 23, 2015

Sandra Fluke was thrust into the national spotlight when she testified before members of Congress regarding the Affordable Care Act's contraception policy and was subsequently verbally attacked by Rush Limbaugh and conservative commentators. She was instrumental in President Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, and when she announced her run for State Senate in California’s 26th District, she knew that channeling her national platform into her race would require a comprehensive suite of digital strategy that only Veracity Media could provide.

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Through successful social media growth, digital fundraising campaigns, and viral social advertising, Veracity Media was able to help boost Sandra into the top two on primary day, ensuring she will move on to the November 4th general election.

Veracity was able to not only create digital fundraising strategies, but also used Sandra’s online presence to provide tremendous support to the causes closest to her heart - from women’s access to reproductive health to early childhood education to environmental protection. We’re proud to have helped Sandra move her online supporters into active, on-the-ground volunteers and donors.

  • Created full, mobile responsive and beautifully designed website with NationBuilder
  • Managed Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and online press clippings
  • Spearheaded successful email collection, petition and fundraising campaigns
  • Managed email delivery and all digital content for the campaign
  • Provided digital strategy and support for field and fundraising operations  

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