Rep. Tim Ryan (OH-13)

Congressman Tim Ryan’s team brought on Veracity in December 2016 to activate an email list that had not been used in more than a year. Team Ryan retained Veracity to run the campaign’s email engagement, digital fundraising, and list acquisition.

In less than a year, we have nearly doubled the active email list and created a digital fundraising program that was previously non-existent. Additionally, we have redesigned the campaign’s website, email template, and social presence, allowing for easy to use sign-up forms and landing pages that funnel people to donation forms. Ryan has built a profile as a national Democratic party leader and has received positive press in publications such as the Youngstown Vindicator and Roll Call. 

Since Veracity started working with the campaign, Tim Ryan has raised nearly $170,000 online from more than 1,000 donors.  Keeping with Ryan’s brand as a party leader and different mold of Democrat, we have also raised hundreds of dollars for Tim Ryan-style candidates like Ken Harbaugh and Randy Bryce, special election candidates like Rob Quist and Archie Parnell, and Sherrod Brown’s marquee 2018 Senate race.

Ultimately, Veracity has helped grow Ryan’s email list, optimizing Facebook paid acquisitions, and reaching a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) as low as $0.75.  Thanks to list swaps, joint actions, and paid acquisitions Veracity was able to substantially grow Tim Ryan's email list. 

"Veracity has built our digital operation from the ground up, returning a positive ROI during the first month, and has used unique and cost-effective acquisition methods to grow my list. They've also honed in on my message, and are an accurate voice for the issues that matter to me -- they'd be a great asset to any Democratic campaign.” - Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13)