Ayanna Pressley (Candidate for MA-07)

When Ayanna Pressley decided to buck the status quo by announcing “Change can’t wait!” and running for Congress against an 18-year incumbent, Massachusetts’ usually-predictable 7th District suddenly garnered national attention.

Veracity Media was with the A-Team from the start, building a rapid-response splash site for her launch announcement and helping craft Pressley’s opening messages to the public via email, social media, and digital advertisements.



Since the campaign launch Veracity has built an expanded Ayanna Pressley for Congress website which fully captures Pressley’s background and plan for the 7th District’s future on an intuitive and responsive platform. See the full site here >>

Veracity also provides ongoing email marketing, digital advertising, graphic design, and web development services to the A-Team. Through this, we’ve enabled the campaign to react to developments with high-quality, rapid-response emails, graphics, and other digital work, such as petition, event, and volunteer landing pages.

For example, when Pressley released her first campaign video Veracity helped coordinate a rapid-response multi-lingual launch across various platforms -- including YouTube, Facebook (both organic content and paid advertisements), Twitter, ActBlue (including a highly shared Spanish- language donation page), and the campaign website. In just two weeks the video was viewed over 100,000 times and directly raised the campaign $5,000 with 60% of donations under $35.

In just over two months from the campaign launch, Veracity raised $138,000 online for the A-Team, even before investing in email acquisition. Veracity boosted Pressley’s online fundraising from the start of the campaign, delivering a return on investment over 1000%. This boost was especially apparent once we began running digital ads, which nearly paid for themselves in immediate contributions.

In addition to online fundraising Veracity provides in-house design to help give Pressley the branding necessary for a successful local and national campaign.



“The level of professionalism and expertise Veracity has brought to this campaign cannot be overstated. They really are the model that we talk to folks about when we say how wonderful our consultant team is. The work Veracity does consistently goes above and beyond and we couldn’t be happier with it.” - Ryan Hand (Communications Director, Ayanna Pressley for Congress)